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Siemens 8 Standard-8 Cine Camera

Siemens 8, loads with normal 8 mm. film which is placed in a special cassette (two included). 1.3 cm. f/2.5 Busch-Glaukar lens, speeds 8, 16, 24, 64 f.p.s. and single frame, spring wind will drive camera for 75 seconds, vertical reflecting and direct-vision viewfinders, the latter exceptionally clear. General condition excellent but most of the black enamel has flaked off front plate. A high quality, very rare, item. Supplied in stout hide case which fits well but is probably not original. (20627)

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Siemens 8 front


Siemens 8 top


Siemens 8 side


Siemens 8 side


Siemens 8 back


Siemens 8 base

Base, showing tripod bush

Siemens 8 cassette

Cassette, side 1

Siemens 8 cassette

Cassette, side 2

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