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Our online catalogue and web site is working pretty well now. I have established a monthly update for most of the catalogue, and this also is working well. I regret that I have still not been able to master photographs for the catalogue - the operation just requires more time than I have available. Most of the faulty links have been eliminated.

Super-8 and Single-8 Cine Cameras for sale

(also camera-specific accessories)

Please note that prices do not include delivery. Please e-mail for more information. For postage/shipping charges we need to know destination country and whether airmail or surface mail is required.

Super-8 Cine Cameras

Single-8 Cine Cameras

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A recent search on line has shown that films designed for the Super 8 format for which Super 8 cameras were originally designed,are no longer available. The long-established German firm Wittner Cinetec has an interesting web site at wittner-cinetec.com which shows various items of stock which may be useful for the enthusiast.

More information on cine film sizes, with particular reference to those suitable for use, can be found in Cine Gauges

Brief explanations of the main terms used in describing built-in metering systems can be found in Metering Systems

Cine Cameras - Single-8

Many enthusiasts believe that Single-8 is the best of the three 8 mm. systems. Film is available from specialist cine dealers on the internet, though processing (in Japan) can take some time. Single-8 film can be mixed with Super-8 film, but tape splices must be used.

Fujica Single 8 Z1, 9.5 mm. to 29 mm. f/1.6 manual zoom, 18 and 24 f.p.s. and single frame, auto exposure (2 x PX625 cells required) or manual setting, excellent, copy instructions. (14755) £19. Pictures

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Cine Cameras - Super-8

There is a rumour circulating that a group of enthusiasts are to take over part of the old Ferrania works in Italy (which apparently still contains much equipment for coating film), with the aim of restoring production of colour reversal film. Apparently Super-8 Cartridges are seen as a principal product at the restored plant. I shall keep customers aware of any developments.

Agfa Moviematic C100 Family Super-8 Camera, takes both still pictures and movies on Super-8 film, was part of the Agfa Family outfit, complete with neck strap and soft pouch case. Looks unused but the metering system may need attention. (26739) £4.

Bauer C6 Macro Super 8 Camera, 8 mm. to 48 mm. Neovaron macro lens, 16, 24, and 36 f.p.s. and single frame, manual or power zoom (worked from main motor), filter switch, automatic or manual exposure setting, copy instructions, folding pistol grip and wrist strap, original leather case (well worn), camera near mint. Requires four AA cells. This camera was made in Germany. (25333) £43.50.

Bolex 581 Sound Macrozoom, 7.5 mm. to 60 mm. f/1.7 Bolex Macrozoom lens with macro, manual and variable speed power zoom, 18 and 36 f.p.s. and single frame, variable time lapse, back light and fade buttons, built in ND filter, microprism rangefinder, original lens cap and outfit case. (21445) £36.50.

Canon Auto Zoom 814 Electronic, 7.5 mm. to 60 mm. f/1.4 macro lens with manual and power xzoom, automatic exposure or manual setting, microprism focusing, 18, 24, and 40 f.p.s. and single frame, variable shutter. This camera has not been cared for. There is some damage to the filter mount but the lens looks alright. Part of plastic trim is cracked. However everything works and the camera comes with our usual warranty. Outfit case. (20829) £34.

Canon Cine Wide Attachment for 310XL, 312XL-S, 514XL, 514XL-S. Screws into 43 mm. thread on camera's lens. Reduces focal length to around 5.5 mm. Mint condition in original case with instructions. (27095) £20.

Chinon 459 Power Zoom, 8.5 mm. to 38 mm. f/1.7 Chinon lens, 18 and 32 f.p.s. and single frame, reflex viewfinder (no rangefinder), automatic exposure (two PX625 cells required) or manual setting (no battery required), power zoom driven from main motor, original lens cap, wrist strap, outfit case, excellent condition. (21541) £31.

Chinon 506 SM XL, 8 mm. to 40 mm. f/1.2 macro lens, power and manual zoom, 18 and 36 f.p.s. and single frame, time lapse from 1/2 sec. to 60 sec., automatic or manual exposure setting, high quality outfit case, wrist strap, excellent condition, a nice camera. (21981) £55.50.

Chinon Pacific 12 SMR, 6 mm. to 72 mm. f/1.8 variable speed power zoom, macro focusing, 18, 24 and 36 f.p.s. and single frame, auto time lapse, auto exposure or manual setting, fade, lap dissolve fitted but inoperative, professional lens hood, copy of instructions. (15539) £27.

Elmo 612 S-XL Macro, 8.5 mm. to 51 mm. f/1.2 macro lens, 220 degree shutter, two speed power zoom and manual zoom, 18 and 24 f.p.s. and single frame, self-timer, automatic or manual exposure, EE lock, fade button, with lens cap, lens hood, original Elmo outfit case, wrist strap, copy instructions, in near mint condition. A fine camera. (20913) £76.

Elmo Super 110, 7 mm. to 70 mm. f/1.8 macro lens with manual or power operated zoom, 18, 24, 54 frames per second and single frame, automatic exposure or manual, pistol grip, wrist strap, original lens cap, lens hood, original outfit case, all excellent to near mint. (21209) £83.50.

Eumig 860 PMA, 8 mm. to 48 mm. f/1.8 two-speed power zoom or manual zoom Makro-Viennon lens, macro to touching front element of lens, aspheric attachment gives super-wide angle of 4 mm., rangefinder focusing, 9, 18, 24, and 45 f.p.s. and single frame, time lapse, time exposure, self timer, fade. This camera has everything the enthusiast could want. Mint condition. (24965) £106.

Eumig PM Aspheric Converter, suitable for Eumig 660 and 880 PMA and similar Bolex models. Gives 4 mm. wide angle lens. Mint condition. (20872) £19.

Kodak Instamatic M12, Kodak Ektanar f/2.7 lens, electric drive requires two AA batteries. The camera looks well used but is all working. Still in the original box with packing. (27490) £10.

Minolta Autopak-8 D10, Rokkor 7 mm. to 70 mm. f/1.8 variable speed power or manual zoom lens, TTL automatic exposure measurement set by Super 8 cartridge from 10 ASA to 400 ASA (daylight), can easily be over-ridden for special shots, all power provided by normal AA cells, variable shutter (no lap dissolve), automatic or manual fading, flash for single frame filming, running speeds 8, 12, 18, 24, 32, and 50 f.p.s., good viewfinder with microprism for focusing, various interchangeable shutter release buttons for time lapse, remote release, etc., close up lens (always better than "macro"), uv filter, special clip-on lens hood and lens cap, time lapse unit, battery container for slow motion speeds 32 and 50 f.p.s., original Minolta locking hard case to contain all the above, copy instruction manual. This is the finest Super 8 camera I have seen in 30 years of trading. No wonder that Leitz teamed up with Minolta in the 1970s. (25850) £340.

Minolta XL-400, 8.5 mm. to 34 mm. f/1.2 lens, macro focusing at any focal length, rangefinder in viewfinder, power or manual zoom lens, 18 f.p.s. and single frame, infinitely variable time lapse within range, remote and flash sockets, automatic or manual exposure, always one of our favourite cameras, excellent condition in hide case. (22166) £55.

Paillard Bolex 7.5 Macrozoom, 7.5 mm. to 21 mm. f/1.9 manual zoom lens, with continuous focusing from about 6 inches to infinity, 18 f.p.s. only, an unusual and practical design, rare in working order. Cosmetically near mint but eyecup is deteriorated. Includes pistol grip. Front lens flap/power switch is a little sticky. Supplied with photocopy of instructions. (19602) £90.

Paillard Bolex Soft Outfit Case For Paillard Bolex 7.5 Macrozoom, contains only a Pistol Grip! Marked "Bolex". Excellent condition. (27461) £6.

Paillard Bolex Bolex-Lite S2, 1000 watt movie lamp specially designed to work with Bolex 150, 155, and 160 Super cameras, when switched on, changes camera filter automatically, near mint condition. (22146) £11.


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