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Standard-8 and 9.5 mm. Cine Cameras for sale

(also includes camera-specific accessories)

Please note that prices do not include delivery. Please e-mail for more information. For postage/shipping charges we need to know destination country and whether airmail or surface mail is required.

Standard 8 film is available from various sources on the Internet. Film processing is readily available.

Standard-8 Cine Cameras

9.5 mm. Cine Cameras

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A recent search on line has shown that films designed for the Standard 8 format for which Standard 8 cameras were originally designed, are no longer available. The long-established German firm Wittner Cinetec has an interesting web site at wittner-cinetec.com which shows various items of stock which may be useful for the enthusiast.

More information on cine film sizes, with particular reference to those suitable for use, can be found in Cine Gauges

Brief explanations of the main terms used in describing built-in metering systems can be found in Metering Systems

Cine Cameras - Standard 8

Camera Spool for 100 ft. load cameras. £10.

Agfa Movex Reflex Outfit, interchangeable Schneider 7.5-37.5mm and Agfa 13mm lenses, can use pre-loaded cassettes, full outfit in presentation case, a rare opportunity. £200.

Agfa Case for Movex Reflex with grip attached. Rare. £20.

Arco 8P, one of the most expensive Japanese cameras, 11.5 mm. to 33 mm. Cine-Arco, spring drive speeds 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, 48 f.p.s., built in meter, variable shutter, backwind, more costly than a Paillard Bolex when new in the early 1960s and pretty unusual in Britain. With original case and wrist strap. Not working, sold as it is as a curiosity. Filter mount damaged. (25147) £4.

GB-Bell & Howell 624EE Autoset, The lens is made by Taylor Hobson and is a 10 mm. Super Comet. The camera is single speed, has still frame, clockwork drive. Built in exposure meter (inoperative). The motor runs well. Original Bell & Howell leather ever ready case (neck strap needs repair). (27491) £10.

GB-Bell & Howell Sportster 8 mm. Camera with single spigot lens mount, complete with 0.5 inch f/2.5 non-focusing Taylor-Hobson Mytal standard lens and 1 1/2 inch f/3.2 Cinetor telephoto lens in original box. Spring drive giving 16, 32, 48, and 64 f.p.s. and single frame. Optical viewfinder with masks for lenses. Runs well. Original hide case. Excellent condition. (26663) £20.

GB-Bell & Howell 605 Twin Turret, turret takes standard D-mount lenses but a matching viewfinder is required, fitted with Taylor Hobson .5 inch f/1.7 Taytal lens and matching viewfinder lens, spring drive giving speeds of 8, 12, 16, 24, and 32 frames per secondplus single frame, 26 second run. excellent condition and runs well. Original box. (24819) £24.

Canon Zoom 8, 10 mm. to 40 mm. manual zoom lens number 103604. Clockwork drive. Speeds 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, 48 f.p.s. and single frame. Built in selenium exposure meter coupled to lens. This is the step in Canon's range which eventually led to the superb Canon 512, one of the finest Standard-8 cameras. Includes Canon C-8 Trigger Grip (missing its 1/4 inch W fixing screw). This camera is all working, in excellent condition, except that the meter window glass is cracked (no effect on metering).(27486) £20.

Kodak Brownie 8 mm. Movie Camera II, 13 mm. f/2.7 Kodak Cine-Ektanon lens, a simple clockwork camera, no single frame, all working. In excellent original ever ready case. Camera is in excellent condition. (27492) £10.

Kodak Cine Kodak Eight Model 20 Cine Camera, the first 8 mm. camera (1932), f/3.5 Kodak lens, single running speed, in original hide case (neck strap broken), excellent condition and fully working. (26288) £6.

Leitz Leicina 8S. Late model with front film retainer and lever for reverse run. Also includes the extremely rare wide angle and telephoto lenses. Electric drive at 18 f.p.s. and single frame. Automatic metering, Fold-down pistol grip. Two tripod bushes. Lens complement: 6.25 mm. f/2 Dygon no. 1938745; 9 mm. f/2 Dygon no. 1874990; f/2 15 mm. Dygon lens fixed into camera; 36 mm. f/2 Dygon no. 2005643. The plastic Leitz Battery Holder suffers from the usual complaint - it will not take modern AA cells because the plastic moulding has shrunk or modern batteries are slightly larger in diameter than they were in the 1960s. It is a rare and beautiful display item. (2131) £300.

Leitz Leicina 8SV, 7.5 mm. to 35 mm. f/1.8 Angenieux-Zoom Type K2, filming speeds 16 and 24 f.p.s. and single frame, reflex viewing and focusing, automatic metering or manual setting, fold-away integral pistol grip with attached wrist strap, electric drive, original Leitz leather outfit case, copy of instructions, near mint condition. A rare opportunity. This is one of my personal cameras, some great films produced. (1907) £170.

Paillard Bolex B8 Camera no. 412881, fitted with Kern-Paillard 12.5 mm. f/2.5 nonfocusing standard lens and Dallmeyer Popular 1 1/2 inch f/4 focusing tele lens. Speeds 8, 12, 16, 24, 32 and 64 f.p.s. and single frame. Zoom viewfinder for 12.5 mm., 25 mm. and 36 mm. lenses. Excellent condition, runs well, in original Paillard hide outfit case. (26906) £42.

Paillard Bolex B8LA with twin lens turret, fitted with 13 mm. f/1.8 Kern Yvar, pistol grip, and wrist strap. This is one of the rare final version with built in wide angle viewfinder converter and back wind (although no back wind handle at present), t.t.l selenium exposure metering coupled to camera, filming speeds 12 to 64 f.p.s. and single frame, original Bolex take-up spool, near mint condition. A rare opportunity and a fine basis for a Paillard Bolex system camera collection. (25068) £80.

Paillard Bolex C8SL (1959). D mount with 13 mm. f/1.9 Kern Yvar non-focusing lens, single speed with single frame (not reliable), t.t.l. selenium exposure metering, original take-up spool, excellent condition. (24761) £11.

Paillard Bolex D8LA Body Only no. 799218, the final and best equipped "pocket" Bolex, three lens turret taking D mount lenses, viewfinder has built in adapter for wide angle lens, built in t.t.l. exposure meter is not working, spring motor drive with speeds 12, 16, 18, 24, 32, 48, and 64 f.p.s. and single frame, back wind (requires separate rewind handle), variable shutter, original take up spool, near mint condition cosmetically. Sold as it is for spare parts or repair. Lenses and accessories available. (26908) £23.50.

Paillard Bolex D8LA Body Only no. 957479 this must be one of the last D8LA cameras. Viewfinder has built in adapter for wide angle lens, built in t.t.l. exposure meter is not working, spring motor drive (slightly sluggish, needs a service) with speeds 12, 16, 18, 24, 32, 48, and 64 f.p.s. and single frame, back wind (requires separate rewind handle), variable shutter, original take up spool, near mint condition cosmetically. Lenses and accessories available. (26909) £59.

Paillard Bolex Pocket Models Back Wind Handle (fits LA models and earlier models which have been converted, also all zoom lens cameras), mint condition. (25506) £4.

Paillard Bolex D Mount to C Mount Adapter, allows C Mount lenses to be used on D Mount 8 mm. cameras. Mint condition, in original box. (27114) £15.

Paillard Bolex D Mount Body Cap, mint condition. (26914) £2.

Paillard Bolex Pocket Cameras Hide Outfit Case (made by Eedee, England), accomodates all models with pistol grip attached, complete with carrying strap. Excellent condition. (26915) £8.

Paillard Bolex Pocket Camera Pistol Grip, for early model with "pull down" release, near mint condition. (26177) £14.

Paillard Bolex Lens Hood and Filter Holder code ADUNI, 21 mm. screw fitting for all Kern Paillard lenses except 36 mm. Switar and f/0.9 Switar. Takes Bolex 250 filters. Mint in original keeper. Quite rare. (25552) £9.

Paillard Bolex Titling Set for pocket models B, C, and D only, not absolutely complete but fully usable. Includes optical bench, base, camera holder, lighting units (continental style plugs, ES lamp fittings), copy instructions, excellent. (18676) £15.

Paillard Bolex Viewfinder Field Adapter for wide angle lens, for early non-metered models, mint condition, believed to be unused. (26071) £5.

Paillard Bolex Viewfinder Field Adapter 6.5 mm. for non-metered models, excellent. (18486) £2.

Paillard Bolex Pocket Metered Models (not LA Models) Viewfinder Field Converter 5.5 mm., excellent condition. (25896) £5.

Paillard Bolex Viewfinder Parallax Corrector Set (cm.), for non-metered cameras, near mint in orig. casket. (17974) £4. Picture

Paillard Bolex Viewfinder Parallax Corrector Set 1 foot and 2 feet, for non-metered cameras, mint in orig. casket. (25537) £8.

Paillard Bolex Pocket Cameras Metered Models (not LA) Viewfinder Parallax Corrector Prisms for Close ups 1 foot and 2 feet, excellent condition. (25541) £6.

Paillard Bolex Pocket Cameras Metered Models (not LA) Viewfinder Parallax Corrector Prisms for Close ups 25 cm. and 50 cm., excellent condition. (25539) £6.

Paillard Bolex Wrist Strap, red/black plaited leather, screw fitting, swivel, highest quality, mint condition. (25503) £4.


Please note that most accessories for these cameras are the same as those used with the Paillard Bolex H16 models. Accessories exclusively for the H8 models are included here. For other items, please see our 16 mm. Cine Camera section.

Paillard Bolex H8 Take Up Spool, 100 ft., excellent condition. (22291) £2.

Paillard Bolex H8 Take Up Spool, 100 ft., near ming condition. (22292) £3.

SOM Macro-Zoom Attachment to fit Kern-Paillard Vario-Switar 8 mm. to 36 mm. zoom lens as fitted to Paillard Bolex K1, K2, and H8 Reflex cameras. Covers a subject 1 cm. wide at the closest setting. Excellent condition. (19688) £24.

Paillard Bolex Self-Timer Release, gives a variable delay, then approximately 8 seconds filming, mint condition in original keeper and box. Box states it is for "Bolex Zoom Reflex" but it should fit any camera with a cable release socket. Very rare. (3139) £44.

Quarz M, 12.5 mm. f/1.9 lens, speeds 12 to 48 f.p.s., backwind, built in exposure meter rarely works but exposure can be set manually, with pistol grip, five filters, instructions, case, runs beautifully, excellent condition. (22046) £4.

Siemens 8, loads with normal 8 mm. film which is placed in a special cassette (two included). 1.3 cm. f/2.5 Busch-Glaukar lens, speeds 8, 16, 24, 64 f.p.s. and single frame, spring wind will drive camera for 75 seconds, vertical reflecting and direct-vision viewfinders, the latter exceptionally clear. General condition excellent but most of the black enamel has flaked off front plate. A high quality, very rare, item. Supplied in stout hide case which fits well but is probably not original. (20627) £234. Pictures

Yashica U-Matic standard-8 cine camera, electric drive using four AA cells, 12, 16, 24 f.p.s., no single frame, built in selenium meter gives automatic exposure, aperture can be set manually, 9 mm. to 28 mm. f/1.8 Yashinon manual zoom lens, original lens cap, wrist strap, pistol grip, remote control switch and lead, mint condition in original packing. (23223) £5.

Zeiss Ikon Movikon 8 Brown Finish, 16 f.p.s. and single frame, 10 mm. f/1.9 Movitar, original brown soft case. Excellent condition with copy instructions. (19563) £26. Picture

Zeiss Ikon Movikon 8 Variable Speed, 10 mm. f/1.9 Movitar lens, speeds 16, 24, 32, 48 f.p.s. and single frame, spring drive, full wind gives 20 seconds filming at 16 f.p.s. Beautifully made as is the original hide ever ready case. Mear mint condition with copy instructions. (25395) £25.

Zeiss Ikon Movinette 8, 10 mm. f/2.8 Carl Zeiss Triotar, single speed only, excellent with original ever ready case. One of these cameras has produced our best film ever. (19565) £9.

Zeiss Ikon Movikon K (c.1938), designed for user-loaded cassette but fitted with Zeiss Ikon removable spool-loading mechanism with gate. 1 cm. f/2.8 Novar lens, speeds 8, 16, 24, 64 f.p.s. plus single frame, motor runs for 50 seconds, focusing indicator in viewfinder, parallax correction, frame for tele lens. Very good condition. Metal areas dull, satin chrome on back and front panels worn off. A very unusual item. (20598) £143.

Zeiss Ikon Movikon K (c.1938), uses normal standard-8 film in reloadable cassette. 10 mm. f/2 Sonnar, speeds 8, 16, 24, 64 f.p.s. and single frame, 45 second run, focus indication in viewfinder, parallax correction, in excellent condition, a nice item, rare, with original Zeiss Ikon hide case. (20603) £232. Pictures


Cine Cameras - 9.5 mm.

Film is readily available from specialist dealers on the internet. There is a thriving 9.5 mm. enthusiasts' club.

Pathe 9.5 Lido Classic 9.5 mm. camera no. 00278. Motor jammed, otherwise in excellent condition. 8. 16, 24, 32 f.p.s. and single frame. 50 foot spool loading (film readily available at present), 20 mm. f/2.5 SOM Berthiot lens, was running correctly when we got it. Not a common item. (26290) £46.

Pathescope 'H' 9.5 mm. Cine Camera, high quality simple cine camera. 16 f.p.s. and single frame. Tahes 30 foot Pathe 9.5 mm. film cassette (available from Photoworld). Near mint condition in good carry case. (26253) £6.

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