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Motor Vehicle and Road Transport Books for sale
Please note that prices do not include delivery. Please e-mail for more information. For postage/shipping charges we need to know destination country and whether airmail or surface mail is required.



Bedford - Volume 1 - Bedford And British Chevr4olet 1923 - 1950 by Stuart Broatch and Alan Townsin. Published by Venture 1995. 211 mm. x 297 mm. hardback 151 pages. Weight 800 grammes. Condition: Mint. (27405) £20.

Blue Bus Services by David Stanier. Published by Pearson 1985. 211 mm. x 296 mm. Softback 80 pages. Weight 400 grammes. Condition: Excellent. (27411) £6

Bradford Corporation Motorbuses by J. S. King. Published by Venture 1995. 211 mm. x 297 mm. Hardback. 123 pages. Weight 800 grammes. Condition: Mint. (27422) £12.

Crosville Motor Services Part 1 The First Forty Years by John Carroll and Duncan Roberts. Published by Venture 1995. 212 mm. x 297 mm. Hardback. 160 pages. Weight 900 grammes. Condition: Near mint. (27412) £18.

Daimler Buses In Camera by Stewart J. Brown, published by Ian Allan, 1996. 183 mm. x 242 mm. hardback with dustjacket, 128 pages. Binding near mint. Dustjacket excellent with pressure marks front and back, 4 cm. tear at first fold. Content mint. Weight 600 grammes. (23923) £4.25.

East Yorkshire - No. 3 of the Prestige Series by John Banks and G. H. F. Atkins. Published by Venture 1999. 170 mm. x 239 mm. softback 64 pages. Weight 200 grammes. Condition excellent. (27385) £6.

Midland Red Buses by M. W. Greenwood, published by Enterprise, undated. 220 mm. x 220 mm. hardback with dustjacket, 96 pages on art paper. Binding near mint. Dustjacket spine slightly faded, otherwise near mint. Content near mint. Weight 550 grammes. (23924) £4.25.

The Buses Of Halifax Corporation & Joint Omnibus Committee by David Bentley. Published by Autobus Review 1998. 210 mm. x 296 mm. Softback 96 pages. Weight 400 grammes. Condition: Excellent. (27437) £12.

Trams And Buses Of West Yorkshire, by A. E. Jones, published by Ian Allan 1985. 177 mm. x 242 mm. hardback 96 pages. Weight 400 grammes. Near mint condition. (27209) £4.


Motor Cars

Citroen XM by Alberto Martinez and Maurice Sauzay. Published by E.P.A. 1989. 223 mm. x 286 mm. hardback with dustjacket 197 pages. Weight 1150 grammes. Condition: Near mint. (27404) £5.

Fundamentals Of Motor Vehicle Technology by V. A. W. Hillier and F. W. Pittuck. Published by Hutchinson Educational 1973. 138 mm. x 217 mm. softback 608 pages. Spine and binding are faded. Book shows slight signs of use but the content is in near mint condition. (27253) £15.

MG By McComb by Wilson McComb, published by Osprey, 1979. 195 mm. x 253 mm. hardback with dustjacket, 300 pages. Binding mint. Dustjacket mint. Content mint. Weight 1050 grammes. (23953) £10.30.

MG: The Immortal T Series by Chris Harvey, published by Oxford Illustrated Press, 1977. 215 mm. x 260 mm. hardback with dustjacket, 250 pages on art paper. Binding deteriorated in storage but sound. Dustjacket mint. Content near mint. Weight 1200 grammes. (23955) £12.90.

The Centenary Of The Car 1885 - 1985 by Andrew White. Published by Octopus 1984. 250 mm. x 288 mm. hardback with dustjacket. 160 pages. Weight 1100 grammes. Dustjacket is slightly worn. Binding and book content are in near mint condition. (27243) £4.


Motor Cycles

A.J.S. Of Wolverhampton by S. J. Mills. Published by the author, 1994. A detailed history of the activities of the Stevens family - bikes, three-wheelers, radios, screws, cars. 217 mm. x 297 mm. hardback with dustjacket. 216 pages. Weight 1200 grammes. A beautifully produced book in mint condition. (27308) £100.

The Encyclopedia Of Motorcycles by Roland Brown, published by Lorenz Books, 1996. 238 mm. x 305 mm. hardback laminated illustrated binding, 256 pages. Binding excellent. Contents near mint. Inscription on flyleaf. Weight 1650 grammes. (24120) £5.85.



A Centenary Celebration Of Blackpool's Trams by Philip Higgs. Published by Lancastrian. Limited edition of 1250 copies - this is copy no. 351. 211 mm. x 303 mm. Hardback. 120 pages. Weight 800 grammes. Condition: Mint. (27417) £25.

Huddersfield Corporation Tramways by Roy Brook (this copy is signed by the author). Published by Roy Brook 1983. 158 mm.x 234 mm. Softback 200 pages plus map. Weight 500 grammes. Condition: Near mint. (27439) £10.

Leeds Transport Volume One 1830 - 1902 by J. Soper. Published by Leeds Transport Historical Society 1985. 216 mm. x 306 mm. hardback with dustjacket 252 pages. Condition: Near mint. (27388) £20

Rotherham & District Transport Volume I - to 1914 by Charles C. Hall. Published by Rotherham Library 1996. 208 mm. x 296 mm. Softback. 216 pages. Weight 800 grammes. Condition: Near mint. (27438) £15.

Sheffield Transport by Chas. C. Hall. Published by Transport Publishing 1977. 222 mm. x 298 mm. Hardback with Dustjacket. 332 pages plus map. Weight 1450 grammes. Condition: Near mint. This is a rare and valuable book. (27414) £50.

The Tramway Era in Sheffield, Souvenir Brochure on Closure of the Tramways 8th October 1960, published by Sheffield Transport Department, 215 mm. x 272 mm. softback 32 pages plus cover. Cover soiled and almost split, otherwise excellent condition. Weight 250 grammes. (23393) £3.05.

Tramcars by J. H. Price, published by Ian Allan, c. 1965. 143 mm. x 221 mm. hardback laminated illustrated, 64 pages. Ex library with usual stamps. Binding soiled but good. Content excellent. An excellent reading copy. Weight 250 grammes. (24129) £4.75.

Trams And Buses Of West Yorkshire, by A. E. Jones, published by Ian Allan 1985. 177 mm. x 242 mm. hardback 96 pages. Weight 400 grammes. Near mint condition. (27209) £4.



Tractors - 100 Years Of Innovation by Peter Love, published by Lorenz Books 2000. 260 mm. x 238 mm. hardback with dustjacket, 64 pages. Weight 550 grammes. The dustjacket is slightly work, otherwise the book is in near mint condition. (27256) £4.

Vintage John Deer - Early History Of The Two-cylinder Years, 1837-1960 by Dave Arnold, published by Voyageur Press 1995. 265 mm. x 218 mm. hardback with dustjacket, 112 pages. Weight 800 grammes. Generally near mint but the dustjacket and front flyleaf show signs of exposure to damp. (27257) £5.


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