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January 2014. Fred has had to cope with huge computer problems this year. Sarting in January, when he decided to upgrade to System 10.8, things started to go wrong. We had to upgrade our old Dreamweaver to the latest version, which had to be learned, and while this was going on, the ancient computer used for accounting and the stock database, broke down. This machine had been repaired several times previously, the last time with some difficulty, so he decided to find new software which would do the job - not an easy task. Anyway, we eventually got going again in June, and all is now working well. One or two problems still crop up due to pressure of work since Stephanie's death in 2010, but we are sorting those out and all is working well.


April 2014 Loaded April Photographic Equipment Catalogue.

April 2014 new Book Catalogue.

April 2014 Model Railway Equipment Catalogue updated.

Stamps, Covers etc. To be recatalogued for the trade.

New View-Master article (longer than CCM article and illustrated). Also includes a little about other 3-D systems.

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